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Your First Visit

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

New patients often remark how “homey” our office is. That’s good, because our goal is to offer state-of-the-art chiropractic care in a comfortable surrounding.

Make Yourself at Home

You’ll be cheerfully greeted when you enter our office. If you’ve filled in your paperwork, great! If not, help yourself to a snack, have a seat in our reception area and we’ll get that for you. After a tour to familiarize you with our office and services, our chiropractic health technician will sit with you in our consultation room and get a brief overview of your health history and some of the reasons you are seeking help in our office. The purpose of this consultation is to discuss your health goals and to see if chiropractic is likely to help you. Next is the examination.

Your Examination

Your examination consists of several components that will allow the doctor to determine how long you have had a problem, how long it may take to get better and what will be required for treatment.  Much time is spent testing to uncover the cause of the problem. Our testing includes a posture assessment, bilateral weight distribution, surface EMG, thermography, range of motion, algometry, pulse wave profiler, spinal palpation and other orthopedic testing.

Dr. Buzek will give you a brief overview of the findings and will tell you if further testing, including x-rays, are required. Then its time for the doctor to review and correlate the findings so the most accurate recommendations for you may be made.

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