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Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Buzek Chiropractic Clinic offers Health & Lifestyle Coaching to help our patients design and implement a plan to achieve their health goals and regain vitality. Our Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach, Mary-Ann Raffoul, will be your motivator, educator and accountability partner to support you in making lasting lifestyle changes that improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Acknowledging and committing to making healthy changes in your lifestyle can seem very overwhelming especially considering all of the different components that contribute to getting healthy. Creating a healthy, active lifestyle may involve making numerous changes to your daily nutrition habits and incorporate fitness into your regular schedule. However, making too many changes at once can be unrealistic and negatively impact your motivation and success.

We Focus on YOU

The concept of Health & Lifestyle Coaching addresses YOU as a whole person, not just by focusing solely on the concepts of fitness training and nutrition. Coaching gets under the surface of workouts and meal plans to discover why you may be unhealthy, what behaviours led to the problem, what daily life obstacles are in the way and how you can make lasting behaviour changes. Your Health & Lifestyle Coach creates awareness by asking questions, backing a variety of strategies and options and supporting action. Together, you will work to prioritize your goals, stay accountable and take small steps to ultimately create your new healthy habits.

Contact Mary-Ann today to get started on your road to a healthy lifestyle.

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